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LADY MOON offers ceremony planning, ritual facilitation, and legal ordination for everything from births and namings, blessings for new mothers and babies, passing rituals/funerals, placenta ceremonies, menarche, menapause, handfastings/weddings, and other life events and Rites of Passage. 

We also come together in Sisterhood online and in-person for New Moon + Full Moon Ceremonies, Red Tent Gatherings + Sisterhood Circles, Priestess Training, and 40 Day Womb Wisdom Sadhanas. 

Please read on to see our offerings and current or upcoming programs, and contact us to learn more about how we can be of service to you in meeting your ceremony needs. 

Ceremony Facilitation

Menstruation / Conception

>> 'Moonarche' First-Blood Coming of Age Ceremony

For young girls becoming women, honoring this transition and transformation whether just between mother and daughter, or with their extended tribe and community. Your maiden will be welcomed into the fold of women, bathed and pampered and praised. She will enjoy a warm-oil massage, floral hair and foot wash, henna, "Reddening" Ritual, and will be presented to the Ancestors and the Spirits and given gifts to honor her First Blood. 

>> Soul-Calling Ceremony 

This ritual can be prepared and then preformed privately by a woman with or without her partner, or can be facilitated in-person. Be anointed, your feet and hair washed, your womb blessed, and then be guided through a ritual to call-in a Spirit for conception. This ceremony is best done after a few months of mind-body-soul preparation for pregnancy and pairs well with our Holistic Fertility / Conscious Conception Mentoring packages. 

Pregnancy / Birth

>> Motherblessing Ceremony 

Commonly known as a "Blessingway" we prefer to use the non-culturally specific term Motherblessing. This is a ceremony performed sometime during the pregnancy and differs from a babyshower in that it is a time of honoring the mother-to-be as she transitions into this new phase of her life. This can be a private affair, but is most often done with a group of friends to provide support and sisterhood. The ceremony includes ritual bathing and washing of the hair and feet with floral waters, bellyhenna application (and optional henna for your guests), and a Blessing ceremony where the guests offer their blessings and gifts for the mother-to-be, often they are things to be looked at or held in labor such as prayer flags, beads, or candles to remind the woman of her connection to these sisters. 

>> BellyHenna Session

Henna is commonly worn during pregnancy the world-over as a blessing to the mother and baby, as well as a spiritual shield of protection to ward off ill-spirits and the evil eye. A BellyHenna Session includes the ritual washing of the feet with a short foot massage, and cande-lit henna application of a design of your choosing to your belly (optionally hands and feet can be added). Some mothers like to get a BellyCast made and then have henna applied afterwards. 

>> Birth Dancing

Women have been dancing in birth for millenia. Modern Bellydance has its roots in the dances tribal women would do as a woman labored, they mimicking the rolling belly and swirling hips of the birthing mother to help keep her focused and direct the birthing energy towards its culmination. We happily provide a Birth Dance whenever we are alerted to a woman going into labor, wherever she may be in the world, dancing the dance of life and birth with you. We light candles and sing prayers for a successful birth at our Birth Altar while dancing. 


>> Placenta Honoring/Burial Ceremony Facilitation... (Also offering Permaculture Designed-Placenta Garden Planning + Placenta Medicine Crafting!)

The Placenta-- in some cultures believed to be the baby's twin, and in most cultures ceremonially honored after the birth. It is what grew and nourished your baby, the only organ that the body creates and then releases with each pregnancy. This ceremony can be tailored depending on whether you want to do a lotus birth, cord burning, make medicine from/consume the placenta, or bury it (with or without a 'Placenta Garden'). This ceremony can be planned and then done privately by the woman and her family, or facilitated in-person. 

>> Binding the Bones Ritual

Binding the Bones is a ceremony that "closes up the body" energetically and physically after the "cooling, opening" act of giving birth. It is believed to assist (along with other postpartum mother roasting practices) to close the woman after her spiritual and physical transition, to prevent ill-spirits and "cold winds" from entering her body, and to promote the healing process both mentally and physically. This ritual includes a ceremonial bath and/or sauna session and the Binding the Bones ritual. 

>> The 40th Day: Mother-Honoring Ceremony Facilitation

It is traditional across many cultures for the new mother to rest and be taken care of during the first 40 days postpartum, or the 'babymoon'. On the 40th day, she is honored in a ceremony similar to the prenatal Motherblessing ritual and welcomed as a mother into the community and the long line of birthing women and mothers who have come before. In this ceremony the mother is given a ceremonial bath and/or sauna session, is adorned and anointed and painted with henna, receives a Mother Blessing, has the chance to tell her birth story, and is celebrated by her friends and sisters. 

Pregnancy Release

>> Spirit Release Ceremony 

It is our belief that just as miscarriage and abortion are a part of the journey of womanhood and motherhood, and that all aspects of birth are sacred, so too should the act of releasing a pregnancy be done in a sacred manner. To this end we offer multiple ceremonies and spiritual counsel for those undergoing a pregnancy release. The Spirit Release Ceremony can be discussed with the woman and then performed by her privately with or without her partner, or can be facilitated in-person. This ritual helps in the process of letting go of the spirit held within your womb, whether the release was intended or not, providing solace and assistance -- in some cases of conscious termination, a ritual was all that was needed to release the pregnancy, no herbs or medications -- and for some, closure. **Also available in our publication, "Rituals & Mediations for Pregnancy Release" available in PDF. Click the button below to purchase. 

>> Binding the Bones Ritual

Binding the Bones is influenced by the postpartum traditions of some cultures after the birth of a term baby, but it is our belief that the postpartum period after a loss or termination is just as important to provide healing and support during. Binding the Bones is a ceremony that "closes up the body" energetically and physically depending on far along the pregnancy was after the "cooling, opening" act of releasing a pregnancy/giving birth. It is believed to assist (along with other postpartum mother roasting practices) to close the woman after her transition, to prevent ill-spirits and "cold winds" from entering her body, and to promote the healing process both mentally and physically. This ritual includes a ceremonial bath and/or sauna session and the Binding the Bones ritual. 

>> Passing Ritual

Whether unintended or intended, having to release a pregnancy is still a loss that some feel they want or need closure with, or as part of a conscious release a Passing Ritual is an act of honoring that life which has passed just as they would any other. This ritual can be performed privately by the woman/couple or facilitated in-person, and can be done with or without the "products of conception" (many woman never get to take home the remains from a clinical termination, or accidentally flush them down the toilet after a miscarriage, and that's ok). **Also available in our publication, "Rituals & Mediations for Pregnancy Release" available in PDF. Click the button below to purchase. 


>> Tea Ceremony

Influenced by traditional tea ceremonies from around the world, this ceremony can be enjoyed alone, with friends, or brought to a gathering, ritual, or other event. Enjoy the mindful practice of brewing and serving tea and the ceremony of enjoying tea in sisterhood. We have an array of teas and herbal tisanes to choose from for their taste, medicinal, or spiritual qualities. This ceremony also includes singing bowls and/or shamanic drumming and pairs well with our Yoni Sauna herbal vaginal steaming sessions. 

>> Ceremonial Baths (coming 2017)

Perfect as a way to self-pamper, useful as a spiritual cleanse, or as an addition to any other ceremony or event, Ceremonial Bathing is an amazing experience. Depending on the time of year and your desires, enjoy an herbal/floral cold-water or fire-heated bath in the serenity of our outdoor sanctuary. We have an assortment of essential oil-free bathing salts and ritual soaps, herbal and floral bath blends, and anointing oils for you to choose from. 

>> Passing Rituals

As an Ordained Minister, we can preside over Last Rites and Passing Rituals, providing ceremony and ritual for End of Life Events and able to tailor your rituals to any cultural or spiritual specification. . 

>> Baptism/Newborn Blessing/Naming Ceremony

As an Ordained Minister, we can preside over Baptisms and Naming Ceremonies, able to tailor your rituals to any cultural or spiritual specification. 

>> Handfasting/Wedding

As an Ordained Minister, we can preside over Weddings/Handfastings, and are able to tailor your ceremony to any cultural or spiritual specification though our specialty is Pagan Handfastings. We can also help you to plan your handfasting including providing decoration ideas, low-budget sourcing information, and local referrals for catering, photographers, venues, etc. 

>> Other Life Events/Rites of Passage Ceremonies

Have a life event or other Rite of Passage you want to honor that's not listed here such as a divorce, job promotion, or even menopause? Contact us today to discuss your desires! 

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I am a full-spectrum doula and birthworker, providing support no matter what choices you make, and regardless of the outcome of your pregnancy. I can provide support and information regarding women's wellness and alternative healing modalities, pregnancy termination, healing after a miscarriage or abortion, adoption, fertility/infertility, death/loss and home funerals, IVF or surrogacy, diagnostic pregnancy testing and alternatives, routine labor/delivery/newborn procedures and alternatives, nutrition, prenatal self-care, primal parenting, undisturbed birth, and much more. However, I am not a nutritionist, licensed midwife, nurse midwife, physician, naturopath, or OB/GYN nor can I diagnose ailments or diseases or prescribe medication. Most of LADY MOON's services are provided through a Private Members Association.

My lifestyle, nutritional, herbal and homeopathic mentoring and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. My mentoring and products and any accompanying statements regarding them have not been evaluated by the USDA or FDA. 

Please speak to your care provider before/when starting a new diet, herbal product/regiment or exercise routine < especially > if you are taking other medications or have a health condition, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding.


*Though we offer healing and space-holding for many kinds of folks and many types of life experiences, our specialty is womb-carrier wellness and reproduction, whether you identify as a woman or not. ** We do not discriminate against those of color, LGBTQ individuals or couples, trans or gender-fluid/non-gender-binary persons, single mothers, teen mothers, low-income families, religious/spiritual preference, non-English speakers, disabilities, or anything else.

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