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I believe in holistic, intuitive wellness and mind-body-spirit autonomy. And I'm here to help others to step into their full authentic self when it comes to their physical health, experiences throughout the childbearing years, and their spiritual wellness.

You find that the mainstream rubs you the wrong way, or feel that something is missing. Your doctor isn't thinking holistically, or your midwife doesn't bring the Sacred to the table. I've been there, and I've felt the same way. I made it my life's purpose to help others who feel the same to find what they're looking for while realizing that they have the power within themselves to heal and be healthy, and, to birth their babies peacefully and autonomously.

I'm Aileen 'Juniper Wren' Peterson and it's my passion to Serve and to be a Channel for Healing. I am a Full-Spectrum Doula and Pregnancy Release Companion, Holistic Women's Wellness Coach, Spiritual Birth Attendant / Childbirth Consultant / Freebirth Facilitator, Intuitive Healer, Bodyworker, and Dancer.  In 2015 I became an Ordained Minister and received attunements up to Level 3 in Kundalini Reiki. 


I have been studying and actively participating in women's mysteries and priestessing for twelve years; dance for ten years; natural childbirth, midwifery, and herbalism for nine years; and bodywork and traditional / ancestral nutrition over the last six years. Long-time homebirth advocate and freebirth mum, I practice primal parenting from babywearing to extended breastfeeding and encourage ‘monkey mama’ movement and eating. I am the author of the blog The Primal Mother, owner of LADY MOON //With-Women Support the Wise-Woman Way, owner and lead facilitator of Elen of the Ways Wild Woman Wilderness Mystery School, and the Head Priestess Midwyf-Healer and Priestess Program Instructor at BRIGHID'S HEARTH CHURCH: Temple of Spiritual Healing & Shamanic Birthwork.

I love working with those of you who know there's something missing, there's something more you're seeking in your healthcare, in your spiritual practice, and in the way you birth your babies and nurture your children. I want to work with those who were hurt by the system like I was. I was once in your shoes. I am passionate about returning the sacred to birth, healing to the home, wellness to the people, and peace to the earth. I relentlessly pursue ancestral wisdom and how I can present it to a modern people. I believe that the way we come into the world is inherently tied to the way we love ourselves, each other, and the earth.

I believe that undisturbed birth and people taking back their bodily autonomy are the keys to saving the world. 

My Patron, the Celtic goddess Brighid, the Lady of the Flame, the Great Bear Mother, adopted by the Christians as St. Brigit, called me to this work. My fifth-great-grandmother, an Edwardian-era Indigenous Midwife who served her local First Nations community, called me to this work. My traumas and healings, my births and my losses, called me to this work. And I dedicate myself and my work to You.

what I do


I consider myself a Spirit-Initiated Independent Traditional Birthkeeper, Holistic Womxn's Wellness Coach, Intuitive Healer, Bodyworker, Freebirth Facilitator, Full-Spectrum Doula, & Pregnancy Release Companion.

I hold the following credentials and training // more details >> RESUME:

  >> CNA training

  >> North Carolina LMBT license #11913

  >> Nurturing the Mother Fertility Massage Specialist Certification

  >> Prenatal Massage Certification

  >> Reflexology training

  >> Ayurvedic Warm-Oil Massage training

  >> MamaMuse (un)Midwifery Mentorship (6 months)

  >> Folklore Foods Traditional Nutrition training

  >> Lazy Lady Living Permaculture Design Certification

  >> Holistic Doula Certification through the Matrona

  >> Holistic Midwifery training through The Matrona

  >> Phlebotomy Technician Certificate

  >> Alternative Home Abortion Care Provider training

  >> Kundalini Reiki Level I-III Attunements

  >> Credentials of Ministry (Ordained Minister)

  >> 10 years of Dance and Movement Study

Other areas of study that I have been focusing on over the years include: priestessing, shamanism, general herbalism, women’s herbalism, alternative and energetic healing modalities (crystals, sound therapy, etc), ceremony and ritual for the childbearing years/rites of passages, Mother Roasting/postpartum services (such as bellybinding, ceremonial baths, placenta medicine), herbal vaginal steams, babywearing, cloth diapering, cosleeping, extended breastfeeding, traditional midwifery practices from around the world, various cultures and languages, waterbirth/prenatal dolphin encounters/dolphin-attended birth, rewilding and primitive ways of life, ancestral nutrition, primal movement, bellydance and dance for birth, and others.

I run my Blog and an online Etsy shop, teach various classes, and offer full-spectrum holistic and spiritual services and wellness support from 'moonarche' to 'moonapause' through my business LADY MOON and my temple, Brighid's Hearth Church. I bring womxn back into alignment with and awareness of their wild, intuitive, soft-animal selves and the natural world around them, and the ways of all our Ancestors through Elen of the Ways

I mentor and support mothers and families in regards to their birth options + having healthy pregnancies and postpartum recoveries. Besides traditional doula services I am now offering Childbirth Consultation, Freebirth Facilitation, and Wellness Coaching for menstrual health, fertility, and pregnancy in addition to: various bodywork therapies; meditation and movement-based classes; educational workshops; herbal vaginal steams; tea ceremonies; traditional and infrared sauna; ceremony and ritual (Rites of Passage) facilitation; and Priestess Midwyf-Healer training in the tradition of my temple's lineage. My main goal is offering earth-based, primal, spiritual and holistic experiences around the journey of womxnhood, though I offer many services to many different kinds of folks in need of healing and witnessing.

My offerings are a reflection of who I am, my experiences as a wombyn and a mother, and my training. Click the buttons below to learn more. 

Please see our 'Services' page for more information about what I offer in-person and long-distance, the 'Projects' page for my community-outreach endeavors, and the 'Classes' page for current and future offerings.

what I've done

Featured in Pagan Families' Birth Guardian Series >>

BirthWorks! Podcast Guest Speaker, "Sacred Pregnancy Release: Alternative Miscarriage & Abortion" >>

BirthWorks! Podcast Guest Speaker, "Midwyfing Myself: Freebirth & Shamanic Midwifery" >>

Guest Speaker for Our Red Tent's free webinar, "Termination of Pregnancy & Womb Healing" >>

Author of "Rituals & Meditations for Pregnancy Release" which was featured in an 800-page instructional manual for care providers >>

Multiple Published Articles for SQUAT  Birth Journal magazine >>

My Publications


"Rituals & Meditations for Pregnancy Release" contains a list of rituals, ceremonies, and meditations that I believe to be important to perform in some manner or to some degree while undergoing a pregnancy release, of any kind. These are only suggestions, and you are encouraged to do, find, or create that which resonates with you. These suggestions are loosely formatted and can be adapted to fit any spiritual tradition. The goal of these rites is to aid in bringing a spiritual and thus holistic balance to this process and experience— one that we have long forgotten and, I believe, desperately need to reclaim.

In Preparation
 Cleansing
 Receiving Counsel
 Spirit Release
 Seeking Protection
 The Reddening
 Drawing Down the Blood Moon
 The Burial/Closure Ceremony
 Sealing the Bones
 Giving Thanks
Blessing the Way: A Note to Care Providers

--->>> WHAT IS "Pregnancy Release"?

"Pregnancy Release” is a term that I coined in 2014 to include all forms of releasing or ending a pregnancy, whether consciously deciding to end a pregnancy, assisting the body if needed during a spontaneous miscarriage, or assisting the body during a later-term fetal demise. I was mainly searching for a new term, without stigma or shame associated with it, to reference abortion, but I also wanted to be all-inclusive regarding pregnancy loss and termination as well as more holistic. This Rituals & Meditations booklet is a stand-alone section from my in-progress book about alternative and home pregnancy release, called Drawing Down the Blood Moon: An Alternative Pregnancy Release Handbook ~ A Holistic Home-Care Guide for Miscarriage & Abortion.

In Progress Works

I am currently working on multiple articles and booklets spanning various topics including the following:

  • Human Domestication & Its Impact on Our Ability to Birth (and to birth healthy children)

  • History & Utilization of the Sauna/Banya for Women's Health, Birth, & the Postpartum

  • The Dangers of Modern Feminine Sanitary Products & Their Alternatives

  • Rewilding Birth & Parenting [which can be seen at my blog, The Primal Mother]

  • How Trauma Affects the Birthing ProcessTrauma Resolution (pre-birth, post-birth, and post-abortion)

  • Not Your Mother's Sprouts: A Traditional Foods Cook Book

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I am a full-spectrum doula and birthworker, providing support no matter what choices you make, and regardless of the outcome of your pregnancy. I can provide support and information regarding women's wellness and alternative healing modalities, pregnancy termination, healing after a miscarriage or abortion, adoption, fertility/infertility, death/loss and home funerals, IVF or surrogacy, diagnostic pregnancy testing and alternatives, routine labor/delivery/newborn procedures and alternatives, nutrition, prenatal self-care, primal parenting, undisturbed birth, and much more. However, I am not a nutritionist, licensed midwife, nurse midwife, physician, naturopath, or OB/GYN nor can I diagnose ailments or diseases or prescribe medication. Most of LADY MOON's services are provided through a Private Members Association.

My lifestyle, nutritional, herbal and homeopathic mentoring and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. My mentoring and products and any accompanying statements regarding them have not been evaluated by the USDA or FDA. 

Please speak to your care provider before/when starting a new diet, herbal product/regiment or exercise routine < especially > if you are taking other medications or have a health condition, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding.


*Though we offer healing and space-holding for many kinds of folks and many types of life experiences, our specialty is womb-carrier wellness and reproduction, whether you identify as a woman or not. ** We do not discriminate against those of color, LGBTQ individuals or couples, trans or gender-fluid/non-gender-binary persons, single mothers, teen mothers, low-income families, religious/spiritual preference, non-English speakers, disabilities, or anything else.

>>> <<<

LADY MOON With-Women is a for-profit business within Brighid's Hearth Church: Temple of Spiritual Healing & Shamanic Birthwork.

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